Clinical Supplies Management Acquires Another European Company

Clinical Supplies Management pic

Clinical Supplies Management

Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, private equity firm Great Point Partners invests in health care companies. One of Great Point Partners’ portfolio firms, Clinical Supplies Management (CSM), acquired B&C Group (B&C), headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, in January 2017.

CSM handles the clinical supply chain of hundreds of pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms around the world, helping clinical trials to be on budget and on time. Its full array of services to comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations include packaging and labeling, storage, global distribution, and clinical supplies consulting. The acquisition will enable CSM to leverage B&C’s expertise in clinical trial supplies provisioning and biomedical services across the CSM global network.

CSM now has two full-service facilities in Europe, including its December 2016 acquisition of Frankfurt, Germany-based, Theorem Clinical Supply. These complementary acquisitions expand the firm’s biomedical sample services and disaster recovery backup capabilities in Europe. A European expansion is one of Great Point Partner’s central strategies for CSM, which also will assist in better serving CSM pharmaceutical clients performing joint clinical trails in the United States and Europe.