Growth-Focused Clinical Supplies Management Achieves Recapitalization

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Great Point Partners


A Connecticut firm with an investment portfolio of health care companies spanning two continents, Great Point Partners seeks out financially sound businesses in expanding markets. In October of 2016, Great Point Partners expanded its footprint by investing in Clinical Supplies Management (CSM).

Established by a pharmacist two decades ago, CSM provides biotechnology, life science, and pharmaceutical companies with a host of services spanning drug packaging and logistics. The company has grown over the years from offering niche assistance in “returns and reconciliations” to meeting clients’ full range of materials management needs for clinical trials.

A principal of Great Point Partners described this infrastructure-focused investment as making sense from the perspective of supporting CSM’s efforts to expand in an evolving industry. The investment funds will help finance an “accelerated growth strategy” with a global focus.

In January 2017, this approach bore fruit as CSM undertook the acquisition of Belgian B&C Group, the second recent addition to its European portfolio.