Clinical Supplies Management’s Second European Acquisition

Clinical Supplies Management pic

Clinical Supplies Management

A Connecticut-based investment firm that focuses primarily on the health care industry, Great Point Partners (GPP) has invested its clients capital since its formation in 2003. Clinical Supplies Management (CSM), one of Great Point Partners’ portfolio companies, announced its acquisition of a second European company in January 2017.

Following its purchase of Theorem Clinical Supply, which is a Frankfurt-based health care business, CSM has acquired B&C Group. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, B&C provides clinical trial supplies, in addition to biomedical sample services.

Both acquisitions have expanded CSM’s European footprint, offering it two full-time facilities on the continent. Further, CSM’s biomedical sample services have expanded due to the acquisitions.

As part of the most recent acquisition, B&C’s CEO Phillipe Van der Hofstadt will lead CSM’s European activities going forward. In speaking about the opportunity, Van der Hofstadt noted that the acquisition of B&C formalized a longstanding partnership between it and CSM, adding that CSM is now perfectly poised to offer greater value to its customers.


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