Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Organizations pic

Accountable Care Organizations
Image: nuemd.com

Based in Connecticut, Great Point Partners invests in a variety of health care businesses across the globe. Among Great Point Partners’ areas of focus are consumer health and accountable care organizations (ACOs).

ACOs embody a network of health care providers and institutions that voluntarily provide medical attention to patient populations. ACOs operate under the premise that all patients should receive proper care. To improve efficiency, ACOs must address the following factors:

Cultural – Patient-centric ACOs acknowledge and integrate different cultures into its care processes. Although ACOs are clinician-led, these organizations recognize the role of patients in the health care system.

Clinical staff – The shortage of primary care providers challenges the efficiency of ACOs. The long-term solution to this problem is to establish a multidisciplinary approach that addresses inequalities among medical specialties.

Administrative resources – Dedicating adequate administrative resources to actuarial and financial services contributes to the efficiency of ACOs. These resources are primarily responsible for managing the alignment of the patient population.


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