GPP Portfolio Company Makes Two Important New Acquisitions

Great Point Partners pic

Great Point Partners

In late July, Connecticut firm Great Point Partners announced that its portfolio company Professional Physical Therapy has made two key acquisitions, Achieve Sports Medicine & Rehab and PRO Physical Therapy. Through these acquisitions, the physical therapy company added three new clinics in New Jersey. Professional Physical Therapy now provides patients with access to 21 physical therapy locations in six counties with the addition of the new facilities in Waldwick, Wyckoff, and Randolph.

The two acquisitions represent the sixth and seventh tuck-in acquisitions of the Great Point Partners portfolio company in 2016 alone. In total, Professional Physical Therapy now operates 88 outpatient facilities and has become the largest provider in the Northeast. This was largely accomplished by partnering with the most highly respected regional practices and practitioners throughout the region.

The acquisition will also benefit the patients already seen at the three facilities. As the president of PRO Physical Therapy explained, the new partnership allows the organization to implement even more cutting-edge programs and provide new opportunities.


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