Great Point Partners Sale of Portfolio Company Equian

Equian pic


At the end of 2015, Great Point Partners, a Connecticut firm, announced the sale of its portfolio company Equian to New Mountain Capital, LLC, for $225 million. Equian has emerged as one of the most prominent health-care payment solution providers in the nation. The company’s integrity software ensures that health-care interactions are paid accurately and at the lowest cost. Both Inc. Magazine and Modern Healthcare have recognized Equian as a high-growth company in the medical field.

A Great Point Partners principal and member of the Equian board acknowledged the growth that both organizations achieved over the course of eight years of collaboration. Together, the organizations sourced 11 add-on acquisitions, financing them through multiple debt arrangements. Over this period, revenue grew by a compounded annual growth rate that exceeded 31 percent. Total earnings were increased more than tenfold.

The sale represents an opportunity for Equian, which will be able to provide even more products to its customers through a partnership with Trover Solutions that grew out of the acquisition.


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