Accountable Care Organizations Provide for Better Health Care


Great Point Partners pic

Great Point Partners

A health care investment company, Great Point Partners manages portfolio companies in North America and Europe including an interest in accountable care organizations.

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are networks of doctors and hospitals that share financial and medical responsibility for providing high-quality coordinated care to patients as efficiently as possible, chiefly by limiting unnecessary spending. ACOs achieve this by placing a primary care physician at the heart of every patient’s care.

Committed to streamlining caregiving to patients, especially the terminally ill, ACOs provide the right amount of care at the right time, avoiding the unnecessary duplication of services that plagues traditional caregiving, while preventing medical errors.

The physicians and other providers caring for patients communicate with each other regarding health care decision making and the storage of and access to a patient’s medical records. This ultimately results in fewer repeated medical tests and helps ensure that patients spend less time filling out medical forms. Doctors are also better able to listen to patients, keep them informed, and honor their choices.


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