Professional Physical Therapy Expands Hand Therapy Portfolio

Great Point Partners pic

Great Point Partners

Great Point Partners (GPP) is a health care investment firm that manages public and private capital and has taken positions in more than 100 growth companies. In February 2016, Great Point Partners announced that its portfolio company, Professional Physical Therapy (ProPT), had acquired Wilutis Hand Therapy and Advanced Hand Therapy, which are Long Island practices in the occupational and hand therapy sphere.

Established in 1998, ProPT maintains outpatient operations spanning 67 physical therapy centers across Connecticut, New Jersey, and greater New York City. These include stand-alone centers as well as those located within Blink Fitness and Equinox Fitness Centers. The firm also maintains a Garden City sports performance training facility spanning 20,000 square feet.

ProPT’s acquisition of the companies was described as unifying two distinct regional leaders and enabling the firm to significantly expand its range of company wide hand therapy offerings.The overall business plan pairs organic and acquisition-driven growth.


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