PitchBook’s Data Research Process


PitchBook pic

Image: pitchbook.com

Great Point Partners has invested approximately $800 million in equity capital to over 100 health care companies. Maintaining a focus on acquisitions, Great Point Partners is making new private equity investments. In 2015 Pitchbook named Great Point Partners as an active pharma and biotech infrastructure investor.

PitchBook is a leading provider of real-time data spanning the global health industry with regard to mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and venture capital transactions. The company is designed to provide not only meaningful information to health care providers but also the proper resources to understand the information through an aggressive, multi-pronged research process.

Over 220,000 web crawlers capture relevant data, including filings, press releases, company reports, websites, and more, contributing to a comprehensive database detailing past, present, and future trends in health care investments, consolidations, and mergers and acquisitions. Natural language processors work closely with machine learning to filter all this data, sieving the irrelevant or redundant data to leave only meaningful information. Expert data analysis teams then collect, verify, and integrate the information into current equity data.


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